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What the Timezone?

The clocks have gone back. I didn’t realise this until 5pm yesterday when it turned out to actually be 4pm and I could be lazy for an extra hour. Joy! We’re now entering that awkward week in the online world when scheduled meeting times in the USA and Europe are no longer what they were. […]

Insuring all of my equipment

My search for the perfect insurance policy for my laptop. A boring but necessary step in going overseas and working while travelling.

Gadgets for Digital Nomadism

In two days, I’m moving out of my home! EEEEEEEP! On Thursday, D and I will be off on our travels. There’s loads that I need to effectively set up my office while on the road. Ideally, it should all fit in my hand luggage so I can have it available at all times. I’m […]

My Poor Checking Account, The Airbnb Story

My last-minute attempt to book an Airbnb leaves me scraping pennies together, but the overall experience was worth the anxiety.

WordPress in San Francisco

July saw WordCamp San Francisco, and you can read my post about all of the fun of the event. However, I spent ten days in San Francisco and I found lots of WordPressy things to do that I wanted to share. Much of the WordCamp activity centred around Automattic’s new offices at Hawthorne, so much […]

WordCamp San Francisco

It’s fitting that the very first post about a WordCamp on get_transient is a post about WordCamp San Francisco. It is the biggest WordCamp in the world and it’s pretty much like being beamed aboard the mothership. Erick, Hanni, and I all attended, and it was during that trip that we got together for lunch (Osha Thai), talked about setting this blog up, and it was in one of the conference rooms at the Automattic offices that we doodled on the board trying to come up with a name for the blog (tramp, vagrant, and hobo were all discussed before we settled on transient).


Welcome to our new home on the web! Over the coming months it’ll be the only place we’ve got to call home. After all, who needs a home when you’ve got a laptop? Who needs to be tied down when you don’t need to go into the office every day? When communication revolves around IRC […]