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July saw WordCamp San Francisco, and you can read my post about all of the fun of the event. However, I spent ten days in San Francisco and I found lots of WordPressy things to do that I wanted to share. Much of the WordCamp activity centred around Automattic’s new offices at Hawthorne, so much of what I discovered was in a three block radius of Hawthorne. That said, there’s a lot to do around there.

132 Hawthorne

(Image credit Peter Slutsky)

132 Hawthorne Street is the address of Automattic’s San Francisco office, which opened earlier in 2013 (you’ll often hear it simply referred to as Hawthorne). Warren Kleban is the lounge manager and he’s great at making you feel at home. He took me to buy 700 beers and we stopped off at the best butcher in San Francisco on the way. I can’t think of much more fun.

Warren has done a great job of filling the Automattic office with details that will make you happy: shuffleboard, pool table, table tennis, a well-stocked kitchen with lots of snacks and drinks on hand, a WordCamp t-shirt wall, a growing library, as well as lots of fun people to hang out and chat with. Of course, I was there for WordCamp so it was filled with WordPressers from around the world – I’m not sure how full it is the rest of the year.

You can check out Peter Slutsky’s photos of the office.

Around Hawthorne

I spent most of my time at Hawthorne so my vision of SF on this trip was a little skewed.  But if you are in town and are visiting Hawthorne, here are some places to check out:

  • The Grove is a good place for breakfast, especially if you’re staying at The Westin where breakfast is $29!
  • Local Edition is a nice place to have a drink. It’s just on Market Street, down some stairs in a basement. When we went, however, there were no tables so you may want to book in advance.
  • Osha Thai seems to be a favourite with lots of people (it’s 10 seconds from the office). They do delicious fresh spring rolls that myself and Hanni ate a lot of.
  • Oola has truffle fries!
  • Brick House Cafe does excellent ceviche and deadly pitchers of pink grapefruit margharita (you may not want to bring Koop for that as he isn’t very good at pouring).

Further Afield

I only left the area of Hawthorne once, venturing out to the Mission where I visited Beretta with Sam and Koop. It’s a great Italian restauran. Order the “burrata bruschetta, walnut bread, mushroom truffle honey”; it changed Samuel Sidler’s life.

San Francisco WordPressers

There are lots of WordPressers in San Francisco, and with the Automattic offices there, there are always WordPressers passing through for meetups or learnups and other events. Here are a few of the people who have SF as their base:

  • Matt Mullenweg has his home in SF, though his Twitter profile, which says “on a plane”, is more accurate.
  • Koop is one of WordPress’ core developers. He is awesome at frolicking.
  • Sam Sidler is a colleague of mine at Audrey. Whatever happens, make sure you give him ALL the jobs to do.
  • Chelsea Otakan (chexee) has done a lot of design work in the WordPress UI. We’ve not met, but I feel like I know her through her tips on Foursquare which appear everywhere.
  • Hugo Baeta is from Portugal but San Francisco is currently his base. He makes beautiful designs (one of which you’ll eventually see as the logo for get_transient, right Hugo? 🙂

That’s just a few of the locals – there’s also all of the people who work at the Automattic offices, and for other WordPress businesses around San Francisco.

WordPress Meetup

There is a regular WordPress Meetup which is held at Automattic’s office and other locations around San Francisco.. If you want to meet other WordPressers that’s a great place to start.

Anything Else?

San Francisco is the home of Timbuk2, who make the bags that  you’ll notice many WordPressers sporting. If you’re covetous of the bags and don’t want to pay out for overseas postage and taxes, you should check out one of their shops while you’re in town.

I’ve probably left stuff out so let me know about your own WordPress experience in San Francisco!

Featured image credit Agunther (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Awesome! I’ll be there in October for a week. Look forward to the journey.

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