Welcome to our new home on the web! Over the coming months it’ll be the only place we’ve got to call home. After all, who needs a home when you’ve got a laptop? Who needs to be tied down when you don’t need to go into the office every day? When communication revolves around IRC schedules and P2s, around Skype and email, it’s no longer necessary to stay in one place.

Get-transient is a different kind of WordPress blog. This isn’t a WordPress news blog, which have a tendency to come and go, this is a WordPress travel blog. We’re giving up our homes and taking off. Along the way we’ll write about the places we go, the meetups and WordCamps we attend, the challenges, the problems, and share photographs of the places we visit (and probably the food that we eat).

So far there are three of us getting transient:

  • I’m Siobhan McKeown. I work at Audrey Capital, where I’m the in-house Word Ninja. I spend my time working on WordPress.org writing documentation, herding cats, and bothering developers. My current focus is writing a book about the history of WordPress. You can find it on Github and follow along with the developments.
  • Hanni Ross is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, where she spends her time trying to engineer the happiness of customers and Automatticians. She’s passionate about the law and the rest of us are worried that she’ll drag her law library along with her. Clumsy to the point of absurdity, Hanni breaks everything. She also can’t sing and is constantly on the hunt for the next cup of coffee.
  • Erick Hitter is a developer currently leading Team Custom at Automattic, where he oversees the team that creates tools to empower WordPress.com users to customize their sites beyond choosing great themes. Before joining Automattic, he worked for a WordPress.com VIP Featured Partner, building custom themes for high-traffic sites. He is also a plugin author, regularly speaks at WordCamps, and can’t resist a good whisky. (He’s also dating the most wonderful person ever)
  • You?

If you’re taking to the road and want somewhere to post about it  we’d love to have you along for the ride. The blog is open to anyone who works in the WordPress ecosystem and who travels from place to place. Whether you’re travelling the whole world, or just around your own country, we’d love for you to join us by sharing your experiences.

After all, when all you need is a laptop, your toothbrush, and some socks, it’s time to get transient.


  1. The toothbrush is important, but it is more important to always bring a towel.

    1. I have a travel towel purchased and ready to go 🙂

  2. This sounds cool to me. Whilst I feel pretty tied to my home, I love the idea of taking off to work from grand locations every now and again.

    I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for staying productive with work-while-traveling. My theory is that it’s just something you have to get used to—or maybe it’s more about staying put in one place long enough to get in the zone with work. My trips tend to be short and action-packed and mostly about people or events instead of “work.” I like the idea of more/longer/work-focused trips though.

  3. I think this is awesome.

  4. Oh you can count me in 🙂 Cheers to having a backpack and the entire world as your home!

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